Our PGA of Canada Professional staff offer a variety of lessons catered to all golfers ranging from beginners to advanced. Highlands now has a virtual golf simulator onsite, offering lessons and club fitting year-round. Using state-of-the-art technology, your swing and ball flight charactistics can be fully analyzed by our trained Professional staff. We also have the ability to do short game lessons and anything up to 150 yards at Highlands, and we also partner with a nearby driving range to offer full swing lessons.

Click here for our detailed lesson program.

Private Lessons (Individual)

1 Lesson - $80.00
3 Lessons - $225.00
5 Lessons - $350.00
Junior Individual Lessons - 50% off above pricing

*Indoor lessons include 30 minute of lesson time as well as 30 minutes of practice time on the simulator.*

Semi-Private Lessons (2-4 Students)

Share the fun! Improve your golf game alongside a spouse, friends or co-workers.
1 Lesson - $75.00/student
3 Lessons - $200.00/student

Playing Lessons

The instructor joins you for a two-hour lesson (approximately 9-holes) to improve your course management, shot selection and mental strategies during on course situations. This unique lesson helps students develop better habits to help shoot lower scores.
Playing Lesson - $250.00
30 minute Lesson + Playing Lesson - $299.00

A variety of group camps are also available.

For more information or to book your lesson, please contact Jeremy Tanner at 780-479-4713, Extension 3 or email jeremy@highlandsgolfclub.com