The Hidden Gem

Highlands is located just minutes from downtown and is built along the slope of the North Saskatchewan River Valley. Located in the historic Highlands neighborhood, beautiful views of the River Valley and the downtown skyline can be seen at various points throughout the course. 

Built in 1929, the golf course is located on old coal mine shafts. Many of the slopes and hills throughout the course have continued to change and evolve over the years. With natural, spruce-lined fairways and strategically placed bunkers throughout the course, a premium is placed on accuracy off of the tee. 


The Right Club Makes All the Difference

Ranging from 5,458 - 6,442 yards, golfers have their choice of five different yardages to play from. The golf course and the greens are consistently among the best conditioned in the city.


A Green Come True

Golfers can take pride in Highlands’ new and improved irrigation system, which has been upgraded from a system of 250 irrigation heads to a more efficient system with 650 irrigation heads. This new system allows for full coverage from tree line to tree line, which results in a more uniform turf as well as improved playability and overall course conditions. 

For more detailed information about our golf course including individual hole-by-hole flyovers, an interactive scorecard can be found here.

Back Nine Flyover

Holes 2-6 Flyover 

Clubhouse Flyover

Downtown Skyline View