Your backyard just got bigger!

Join today to become part of the Highlands family! Whether you are a seasoned golf veteran or a casual player who enjoys the social interaction, Highlands is tailored for members of all skill levels. We are embracing the essence of the game, from your first drive to the final putt, while fostering relationships that will last a lifetime. 

2024 Shareholder Membership Promotion

**We currently have a small waiting list for shares but we do anticipate being able to add a few more individuals prior to the start of the 2024 golf season. Please contact us ASAP for more details.**

  • Individual Share and transfer fee is $5,000 + GST.
  • 2024 membership dues ($4,850 + GST).
  • $67.50/month capital fee.
  • Minimum yearly Food & Beverage spend of $500.

*Monthly payment plans are available. 6-month plan is paid November-April and 12-month payment plan is paid November-October (5% surcharge added)

2024 Corporate Shareholder Membership 


$10,000 + GST to cover the Corporate Share purchase and Entrance Fee to the Club. There is also a small waiting list for Corporate memberships.
(payments plans available for the membership fees along with the entrance fee to the Club)

1-4 players can play on the Corporate Share, and these players can change each year. Each golfer is subject to regular membership dues. Shareholder Flex Pass option is available for each of the corporate members.

Flex Pass Model

We offer the most flexible membership option available at an Edmonton Private Club!

The Flex Pass membership option is available to all Gold members of the Club. The Flex Pass member will receive between 32 and 45 18-hole passes to be used during the year (the pass allotment is dependent on the membership level). These are to be used for the member's rounds and can also be used towards guest rounds. The rounds are not transferable. Unused passes carryforward to the following year but must be used by the end of the following May. Additonal rounds can be purchased in 10-packs.

The Flex Pass member is responsible for the regular fees and commitments, and has all of the same privileges as a regular member. 

The member can change between a regular unlimited membership and a Flex Pass membership each year, as long as the decision is made in writing to the Highlands Office before April 15 each year.

Under the age of 36? 

**We have 2-3+ year waiting lists for all members aged 30 and under. Please inquire for more information and to be added to a waitist list, or discuss other membership options (i.e., early Share purchase).** 

  • Discounted dues depending on your age, with age ranges and prices every 3-4 years, until age 35.
  • Retention discounts available for continuous membership.
  • No Share purchase required until the age of 31, then take up to 10 years to complete the Share purchase. You earn 10% off the Share purchase for each year of continuous membership until the age of 31.
  • No requirement to have a family member already at Highlands.
  • Membership dues payment plan options available, including a 12-month payment plan.

For more information, please contact General Manager, Landon Hargreaves:

[email protected]
Or submit an online membership inquiry here!

Gold Membership

Shareholder: $4,850.00

Shareholder (Age 31-35): $4,055.00

Intermediate (Age 27-30): $3,475.00

Corporate Shareholder: $4,850.00 per player

Family Shareholder: $8,200.00

  • Listed Shareholder (Gold)
  • Spouse of Family Shareholder (Silver)
  • Family Shareholder Dependent(s) under 18 (Silver)
Associate: $5,930.00

Gold members do not have any playing restrictions.

Silver Membership

Shareholder Spouse: $3,080.00

Associate Spouse: $4,025.00

Extended Family Assignee: $3,560.00

Intermediate (Age 23-26): $2,460.00

Intermediate (Age 19-22): $2,025.00

Junior (Age 15-18): $655.00

Junior (Age 12-14): $460.00

Pee Wee (Age 9-11): $310.00

Silver members have the following playing restrictions:

  • Weekdays - cannot play between 3:30-5:30 p.m.; however, if a tee time is open the day before at 10:00 a.m., a silver member may book the time.
  • Weekends and holidays - must play after 11:00 a.m.

Bronze Membership

Restricted Play Spouse: $1,540.00

Restricted Play Spousal members have the following playing restrictions:
  • Weekdays - must play after 5:30 p.m.
  • Weekends and holidays - must play after 2:00 p.m.
  • Play is permitted in designated league play and tournament play at the discretion of the Club Captain.